The DJ Bri – I Can’t Think

Out on: Southern Exposure Music


I Can't Think - Original Mix

I Can't Think - Original Mix

The DJ Bri

I Can't Think - (Thayanna Valle Mix)

I Can't Think - (Thayanna Valle Mix)

The DJ Bri, Thayanna Valle

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Thunderous techno vibes abound from The DJ Bri’s first single on Atlanta’s Southern Exposure Music and it is a monster of a tune! From the distorted drum work to the face slamming bassline and melancholy vocal hook, “I’m so into you, I can’t think”. The track pummels you from start to finish. This heady tune should wet your palette nicely and take your crowd deep into the night where all your worries go away.

Thayanna Valle, the phenom from Brazil, has taken the original and put her signature sound on it. Going for a groovier, vocal deep tech style for her mix. Thayanna in recent months has been laying her own vocals down on her originals and added them here to much delight. The original vocal creeps in and out of the mix, meshing perfectly with Thayannas summery vocal hook. The gorgeous techy pads, squelchy synth lines and funky bassline will have you hypnotized on the dance floor and ready to dance the night away!


Release: SEM003

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