Ralph & Louie – Through the Motions

Out on: Southern Exposure Music


Though the Motions (Brendon Lee's Mix)

Though the Motions (Brendon Lee's Mix)

Ralph & Louie, Brendon Lee

Through the Motions (Comstock Emo-Tions Mix)

Ralph & Louie, Comstock

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Our newest track brings the funk, as our boys Ralph & Louie bring their new track to life, Through The Motions. This is a unique track split up into sides A and B. A side is produced by Half of Ralph & Louie, Brendon Lee. This is his bouncing clean mix with the vocals at the forefront. It brings a powerful breakdown and a groovy beat.

The second mix is from the other half of Ralph & Louie, producer Comstock. This is a darker techy banging house version. It goes deeper and darker and is the perfect B side to this unique release. Ralph & Louie do it once again and bring the beats to you.


Release: SEM005

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