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Chris “deeflash” Reiche produces his own flavor of tech house, breaks, and progressive house, he has released on labels such as Deeplife Records, MK837, and Uncovered. In 2010, Chris founded MK837 with his buddies Dave Richards and Kevin Oneel. The goal was simple: create a label that honored the label/artist relationship and focused on respecting the artists and building artists up.

In 2012, Chris released a full length album titled “Sunday Panic” that showcased his talents for creating deep electronic music that still has a place on the dance floor. He then worked with Dave Richards on their J&M project and they released a full length album titled “Masks”, a nine track journey through dark and gritty indie progressive tech house on a classic tip.

Chris followed that year with a great start in 2013, releasing an EP, “Screaming Inside”, and his single, “I See You Everywhere”. He also worked with his friend Preacherman to start Tapestry, a local monthly patio party hosted at a local venue in Poughkeepsie, NY.

With the end of the summer, Chris dove headfirst back into the studio to produce and collaborate with a broad range of artists, releasing three singles with singer / songwriter Ed Unger, a single on hi-life with tech house producer Teckaiser, which was on Beatport’s 10 Must Hear Tech House Tracks list in March 2014, and then two singles with Gospel House diva Coco Street, which were remixed by International DJ Extraordinaire Terrence Parker. And finally releasing a collaborative EP with his friend Dave Richards under the name Reiche & Richards on Vancouver label, Uncovered.

Near the end of 2014, Chris’ sound and style started to evolve into a raw and unleashed techno vibe, taking the “mask” of an alias off, he released these as Reiche. And at the start of the year released Haunted Storm Chasers, a 3 track EP consisting of classic techno and progressive tech house music. Taking this same approach, he became very interested in creating a live performance setup that allowed him to create the raw and unrelenting sounds he was making in the studio. He added classic style drum machines and synths to his Ableton Live rig and found it much more exciting to be able to improvise and create on the fly.

As much as Chris loves to create music and play for people, he also has a passion to help others create music as well. He runs a label, MK837, to give up and comers an outlet to release music when other labels may not take a chance on them and also has a YouTube channel where he posts video tutorials to help people with music software like Ableton Live and music hardware like Roland’s AIRA gear.


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